Battle Of The TUFFEST 2020 - Newcastle Under Lyme

Are you the TUFFEST In Staffordshire???

One of three strongman events around the U.K starting 2020.

Spaces for Mens Novice, Womens, Mens Inters, Mens Masters


30 Mens Novice

10 Womens

15 Mens Inters

10 Mens Masters

Date: 17-10-2020

Location: Old School Jims Bodybuilding & Fitness

Hot and cold food a fully stocked bar, hot and cold drinks and much much more to come as it develops.

Head Referee - Robert Frampton

Second Referee - Gemma Ferguson

T-Shirts supplied on the day for all competing, trophies and prizes for top 3


1, Tuffwraps sandbag load, 15m mat to mat
W, 40/50/60kg
N, 80/90/100kg
M, 90/100/110kg
I, 100/100/110kg
2, Car Deadlift
W, 180kg
N, 220kg
M, 250kg
I, 260kg
3, Log FTOH
W, 45kg
N, 90kg
M, 110kg
I, 115kg
4, Yoke Run, 15m drop and return
W, 150kg
N, 240kg
M, 260kg
I, 280kg
5, Stone to Platform
weights tbc

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